The Ramblings of a Real Estate Broker March 18, 2023

The pleasure of working with the best in the business

On a Sunday afternoon, I received a panic call from a Buyer’s Agent. She just showed a property I have listed and she called to tell me that one of the cats had escaped and was hiding under the backyard deck and, the buyers were on their hands and knees trying to coax the cat back into the house. She apologized and asked what else she could do. They had been trying for the last 10-15 minutes.

I thanked her for her call and truly appreciated it. I acknowledged her professionalism in doing so and spoke the words that such a call is a rare thing. We’ve had doors left open, lights left on, no shows on appointments, late arrivals and the like, without a peep.

I took responsibility for the situation from that point on, told her I would get in touch with seller right away and let them know – they weren’t too far from the home that day. I told her that the cats were outdoor cats also and that if we didn’t want the cats left out at all I would have put such instructions in the MLS listing sheet.

We have responsibilities when entrusted with the care and sale of our client’s homes, those of us that list the homes for sale and those of us showing the homes. What a pleasure it is when working with true professionals. #thecreamalwaysrisestothetop #thankyouforyourprofessionalism