The Real Estate Hustle March 19, 2023

The Fire Extinguisher

Our closing schedule was interrupted because of an open electrical permit from 2014. It happens. We found this out when we submitted our application for the Certificate of Occupancy. S0, we called in an electrician and he set to work, completing all of the requirement needed by the town to close that particular permit. We were ready for the the next step – town building inspecting and our appointment was set for anytime between 9am – 12pm on this particular Friday. In the meantime the sellers had moved out and the home was vacant, broom clean and we were ready to close except for this certificate. Everyone was waiting patiently for it.

The inspector came and everything “passed” except for the fire extinguisher – it was outdated. Of course I made a personal note to myself to check this myself in the future. I was instructed to get the new fire extinguisher, mount it and send a picture to the inspector as proof that it was completed before he would add the Certificate to the system. I got a hold of my assistant and we went to Home Depot, purchased a Fire Extinguisher and came back to the property to install it. He opened the box only to find that it was missing the mount. Who takes the mount from the box and what are the chances that we picked the box without the mount? There’s a math problem for all of you statisticians out there. Back we go to Home Depot, get a new fire extinguisher, back to the property, install it, take a picture and send it to the inspector. Our Certificate was published to the system to the delight and appreciation of our clients – 3 hours later.

To all of you hardworking REALTORS out there and homeowners selling your home, check the date on your fire extinguisher before the inspection, and if you have to replace, check the box before leaving the hardware store.

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